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Sagist Group Luxury Furniture - Grand Opening of New Branch in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh!

With great excitement, our company, serving in the luxury furniture sector for 28 years, has decided to open a new branch and showroom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia! Among this year's investments, the most thrilling is our company and showroom opening in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Specializing in hotel furniture, luxury villa furnishings, mass housing furnishings, restaurant furnishings, and office furnishings, our company provides turnkey projects. The intense demand from Saudi Arabia, coupled with the regional leadership position of Saudi Arabia, the forward-thinking vision of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, and the high-quality customer acquisition power and intellectual level in the region, have led us to open a branch and establish our showroom in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, we are also researching suitable buildings for the showroom and company in Riyadh. Although we have received numerous partnership offers, we have not yet approved the partnership portfolio we desire. We continue to review offers from top Saudi companies and businessmen.

In the near future, after making our partnership selection, we will begin serving luxury segment customers of A++ quality in Saudi Arabia. Sagist Group Luxury Furniture Factory continues to provide custom furniture decoration services to luxury VIP customers with active projects in 23 countries worldwide.

Metin Durmaz 

CEO, Sagist Group Luxury

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