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Here are some turn-key hotel decoration tips by Metin Durmaz

Here are some turn-key hotel decoration tips:

Start with a cohesive design concept: Choose a design concept that reflects the hotel's brand, target audience, and location. Whether it's modern, classic, or eclectic, the design should be consistent throughout the entire hotel, from the lobby to the guest rooms.

Consider the guest experience: When decorating a hotel, it's important to think about the guest experience. Choose comfortable, high-quality furnishings and accessories that will make guests feel at home.

Focus on lighting: Lighting can make a huge impact on the look and feel of a hotel. Make sure to provide ample lighting in all areas of the hotel, from the lobby to the guest rooms.

Use artwork and decor to create a sense of place: Artwork and decor can help create a sense of place and reflect the local culture. Consider incorporating local artwork, textiles, and materials to give the hotel a unique and authentic feel.

Invest in quality bedding and linens: Guests spend a significant amount of time in their hotel rooms, so it's important to invest in high-quality bedding and linens. Soft, comfortable linens and fluffy pillows can help ensure a good night's sleep.

Don't forget about functionality: When decorating a hotel, it's important to consider functionality as well as aesthetics. Choose furnishings and accessories that are durable, easy to clean, and practical for guests to use.

Add some greenery: Plants and flowers can add a touch of nature and freshness to a hotel's decor. Choose low-maintenance plants that can thrive in a variety of environments.

Create a welcoming entrance: The hotel entrance should be welcoming and inviting, with comfortable seating, attractive lighting, and eye-catching decor.

Keep it Simple and Functional: A turn-key hotel should have a clean and simple design that is functional and easy to maintain. Choose hotel furniture that is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean.

Metin DURMAZ Global Entrepreneur & Architect SAGIST GROUP CEO


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