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Decorating tips to protect your home against black magic, evil spirits and the evil eye

Today I am going to share with you a small article I wrote on a very interesting but for some of us very important topic. I am going to give home decoration tips against black magic, evil spirits and the evil eye.

Plants and Flowers: Adding live plants to your home can bring in natural energy. These plants help purify the air, creating a positive atmosphere in the room.

Natural Lights: If possible, illuminate your rooms using natural light. Natural light can enhance positive energy.

Color Selection: Pastel colors or natural tones can contribute to a sense of calm and tranquility. Limiting dark colors can help avoid negative energies.

Representations and Symbols: You can incorporate symbols or objects that align with your personal beliefs in decoration. This can enhance positive energy.

Decorations: Use decorations that you love and that evoke positive emotions. This can uplift the energy in your home.

Crystals: In some cultures, crystals are believed to attract positive energy. Consider adding crystals that suit your home.

Organization and Cleanliness: Keeping your home organized and maintaining regular cleanliness can help preserve positive energy.

Salt: Salting your home is a traditional method used to repel negative energies. Cleaning your home with saltwater or placing salt-filled bowls strategically can be helpful.

White Soap: White soap is another material used to cleanse energy and rid yourself of negative influences. You can clean with water containing white soap.

Rosemary: Rosemary can be used to cleanse negative energies and enhance positive energy. You can circulate rosemary incense in your rooms.

Protective Symbols: Protective symbols or evil eye beads, based on personal beliefs, can be used to safeguard energy.

Meditation and Affirmations: Regular meditation and positive affirmations can help instill positive energy within yourself.

Sacred Books or Prayers: Reading sacred texts or reciting protective prayers can aid in attracting positive energy to your home.

Professional Help: If overcoming negative energy proves challenging, seeking assistance from a professional specializing in energy cleansing or spiritual guidance can be beneficial.

Metin Durmaz

Architect | Interior Designer


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